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Ici on parle français…et 43 autres langues différentes!

Ma Famille Extraordinaire Resources

Here is the link to the slide presentation we looked at in class about your MA FAMILLE EXTRAORDINAIRE Presentational Speaking & Writing Summative Assessment: Ma Famille Extraordinaire In this presentation, you will find the FAMILY TREE TEMPLATE ASSESSMENT INSTRUCTIONS WRITING &... Continue Reading →


Guide for French 2 Ma Routine Interpersonal Communication Assessment

French 2 Midterm Exam Guide

Using this guide will help you understand the article so that you can better answer the questions on the exam: FRENCH 2 MIDTERM INTERPRETIVE READING EXAM GUIDE


MISS FRANCE 2018 TESTE CULTUREL Guide - Links, Photos & Key Words to Search


Below is the link to the slide presentation from our last class before midterms begin on Dec 12th. When you click below this paragraph, you will find links to 2 of the Quizlet vocabulary sets, the Google Slideshow with the... Continue Reading →

français 1 la fin du semestre

lundi le 4 décembre Practice & Review for Mid-Term Interpersonal Communication & Presentational Writing Sections mercredi le 6 décembre MUSIQUE MERCREDI Interpretive Listening Summative vendredi le 8 décembre INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION SECTION OF MID-TERM MID-TERM PRESENTATIONAL WRITING ROUGH DRAFT 1A Devoirs/Extra... Continue Reading →

français 2 la fin du semestre

MON PAYS FRANCOPHONE Mid-Term Presentation Project 1B Devoirs/Extra Credit Info Calendrier 2B Devoirs/Extra Credit Info Calendrier 4B Devoirs/Extra Credit Info Calendrier 2A Devoirs/Extra Credit Info Calendrier

français 1 – la semaine du 28 novembre

mardi le 28 novembre - Interpretive Listening/Quasimodo classwork summative jeudi le 30 novembre - Interpretive Reading about Loisirs

French 2/IGCSE – la semaine du Jour de l’Action de Grâce

This link has everything you need for this week's only class. I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! Tell your family what they are eating en français! I will update the blog with last week's classes info over the weekend.

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