French at John Overton High School

Ici on parle français…et 43 autres langues différentes!

French 2 Midterm Comparing Cultural Perspectives Links

Here are some links to articles about schools in the USA that have also excluded students from eating lunch in the cafeteria & why they were excluded. When Schools Literally Take Food Out of the Hands of Children What Happens... Continue Reading →





Below is the link to the slide presentation from our last class before midterms begin on Dec 12th. When you click below this paragraph, you will find links to 2 of the Quizlet vocabulary sets, the Google Slideshow with the... Continue Reading →

français 1 la fin du semestre

lundi le 4 décembre Practice & Review for Mid-Term Interpersonal Communication & Presentational Writing Sections mercredi le 6 décembre MUSIQUE MERCREDI Interpretive Listening Summative vendredi le 8 décembre INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION SECTION OF MID-TERM MID-TERM PRESENTATIONAL WRITING ROUGH DRAFT 1A Devoirs/Extra... Continue Reading →

français 2 la fin du semestre

MON PAYS FRANCOPHONE Mid-Term Presentation Project 1B Devoirs/Extra Credit Info Calendrier 2B Devoirs/Extra Credit Info Calendrier 4B Devoirs/Extra Credit Info Calendrier 2A Devoirs/Extra Credit Info Calendrier

français 1 – la semaine du 28 novembre

mardi le 28 novembre - Interpretive Listening/Quasimodo classwork summative jeudi le 30 novembre - Interpretive Reading about Loisirs

French 2/IGCSE – la semaine du Jour de l’Action de Grâce

This link has everything you need for this week's only class. I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! Tell your family what they are eating en français! I will update the blog with last week's classes info over the weekend.

français 2/IGCSE la semaine du 6 nov

mardi le 7/mercredi le 8 - On Bouffe: Le Petit Déjeuner Reading & Speakng Test; Last call for Le Petit Déjeuner Quizlet/VCB homework & new homework: Le Déjeuner Quizlet/VCB jeudi le 9/lundi le 13 - Pic et Pik: reading comprehension... Continue Reading →

français 1 mise à jour

I apologize for not keeping up with my weekly blog posts about what we will be doing in class. That week before fall break was such a blur, and then I got out of the habit over break. Désolée, mes... Continue Reading →

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