Over the next 2 weeks, these 8 matches will be ongoing to allow as many votes as possible to get the Haut Huit (Elite 8) songs for us to battle out when we come back to school from spring break on March 28. I will post our results by March 30.

1er match: Stromae “Papatouai” VS Zaz “Je Veux”

2eme match: Kendji Girac “Color Gitano” VS Indira “Dernière Danse”

3eme match: Simple Plan ft Marie-Mai “Jet Lag” VS Cœur de Pirate “Comme des Enfants”

4eme match: Ben L’Oncle Soul “À Coup de Rêves” VS Nekfeu “On Verra”

5eme match: Magic System “Tu es fou” VS Kids United “On Écrit sur Les Murs”

6eme match: Le Vent du Nord “Au Bord de la Fontaine” VS Nyco Lilliu “Un Monde à Changer”

7eme match: Christophe Maé “Tombé sous le Charme” VS Black M “French Kiss” 

8eme match: Louane “Jour 1” VS Maître Gims “J’me tire” 

I really hope everyone has fun discovering new music and learning some French! If you want to know my picks, you can check out the Cambridge IGSCE French Seesaw blog to see what I think about all of these songs.