Before we start reviewing for the final exam, we are learning the fourth of the Big 4 Irregular Verbs: faire (the other 3: être, avoir, aller). Faire can be used to talk about sports, leisure activities, and household chores. It’s a very important and useful verb because you can use it to say many things if you cannot remember the verb you want to use. For example: je fais du français = j’étudie le français. 

Faire is also used to talk about the weather. Here is the Buncee presentation with the seasons, months & weather presentation: Les Saisons et Le Météo

You can find the Quizlet vocabulary sets here: Faire & Faire Expressions and Dates, Seasons, Weather – can you beat the top Match scores?

LA SEMAINE PROCHAINE: more weather talk – we will look at weather forecasts in cities all across the Francophone world to prepare you for your last summative project of French 1! Stay tuned!