Believe it or not, the final exam is next week! The study guides are up on Quizlet: French 1 Final Exam Folder You will find 4 study sets in this folder. If you study these every day until the final, you should have no problems!

The final is 83 multiple choice questions with an essay (worth 17 points). There are 2 reading sections (one is about a French teenager, his family, and what he likes to do & the other is 2 weather forecasts), 6 verb sections (être, avoir, aller, -er verbs, subject pronouns, and negation), a section about articles (definite and indefinite), a section about times, and a matching section about Paris monuments.

The essay involves writing SIX sentences about what you and your family are GOING to do during the week. You will need to know the correct forms of ALLER and the correct À CONTRACTIONS (au, à la, à l’, aux). We will go over this in class, and you can use the notes you take on the exam.

Speaking of what you can use on the exam….you can use notes, but ONLY handwritten notes. No printed worksheets or vocabulary lists will be allowed!!! PHONES AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE ALSO FORBIDDEN ON THE FINAL EXAM!!! Your phone must be put away, out of sight, or it will be confiscated until the exam period is over. You can use your phone AFTER you turn in your exam and answer sheet.

Finally, remember that you can only use 20 extra credit points on this exam. Metro doesn’t allow grades over 100 on final exams.