French at John Overton High School

Ici on parle français…et 43 autres langues différentes!


Musique francophone

Et Voici Les 4 Finales!

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FINAL 4 VIDEOS On Wednesday, my B-Day classes each voted for their own champions. Since we were out of school on Thursday due to the possibility of severe storms, A-Day classes won't be voting until... Continue Reading →



Buncee for Huit Élites Check out who has advanced & make your votes! Les Quatre Chansons Finales will be held in my classes on March 29 & 30!


Over the next 2 weeks, these 8 matches will be ongoing to allow as many votes as possible to get the Haut Huit (Elite 8) songs for us to battle out when we come back to school from spring break... Continue Reading →

MANIE MUSICALE DE MARS 2017: HUITIÈME MATCH – Louane “Jour 1” VS Maître Gims “J’me Tire”

YouTube for Louane "Jour 1" Louane bio "Jour 1" lyrics YouTube for Maître Gims "J'me tire" Maître Gims bio "J'me tire" lyrics Vote for your favorite. Is it Louane? Maître Gims?

MANIE MUSICALE DE MARS 2017: SEPTIÈME MATCH – Christophe Maé “Tombé sous Le Charme” VS Black M “French Kiss”

YouTube for Christophe Maé "Tombé sous le charme" Christophe Maé bio "Tombé sous le charme" lyrics YouTube for Black M "French Kiss" Black M bio "French Kiss" lyrics Which song do you prefer? Christophe Maé? Black M?

MANIE MUSICALE DE MARS 2017: SIXIÈME MATCH – Le Vent du Nord “Au Bord de la Fontaine” VS Nyco Lilliu “Un Monde à Changer”

YouTube for Le Vent du Nord "Au bord de la fontaine" Le Vent du Nord bio "Au bord de la fontaine" lyrics YouTube for Nyco Lilliu Nyco Lilliu bio "Un monde à changer" lyrics Which is your favorite? Le Vent... Continue Reading →

MANIE MUSICALE DE MARS 2017: CINQUIÈME MATCH – Magic System “Tu es fou” VS Kids United “On Écrit Sur Les Murs”

YouTube for "Tu Es Fou" Magic System bio "Tu Es Fou" lyrics YouTube for Kids United "On Écrit sur Les Murs" Kids United bio "On Écrit sur Les Murs" lyrics Which is your favorite? Magic System? Kids United?

MANIE MUSICALE QUATRIÈME MATCH: Ben L’Oncle Soul “À Coup de Rêves” VS Nekfeu “On Verra”

YouTube for "À Coup de Rêves" Ben L'Oncle Soul bio "À Coup de Rêves" lyrics YouTube for "On Verra" Nekfeu bio "On Verra" lyrics Which song was your favorite?

MANIE MUSICALE DE MARS TROISIÈME MATCH: Simple Plan ft. Marie-Mai “Jet Lag” VS Cœur de Pirate “Comme des Enfants”

YouTube for "Jet Lag" Marie-Mai bio "Jet Lag" lyrics YouTube for "Comme des Enfants" Coeur de Pirate bio "Comme des Enfants" lyrics Which song do you like the best? Simple Plan ft. Marie-Mai? Coeur de Pirate?  

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