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français 2/IGCSE – la semaine du 28 août

lundi le 28/mardi le 29 août  L'Éclipse Summative Assessment Parts 1 & 2 Interpersonal Communication Task Practice for Interpersonal Communication Task Presentational Writing Task mercredi le 30/jeudi le 31 août  L'Éclipse Summative Assessment Part 3 Interpretive Reading Task Article for... Continue Reading →


français 1 – la semaine du 28 août

Bonjour! Voici l'agenda pour cette semaine:  Unit 1 Bienvenue à la classe de français Can-Do Statements lundi le 28 août Leçon 1: Les Salutations Quizlet Set Leçon 1: Les Salutations Class Work Leçon 1: Les Salutations Formative Assessment mercredi le... Continue Reading →

La Rentrée 2017

Now that I am teaching French 1 and French 2 as well as preparing the IGCSE French 2 class for the year-end exams (papers), I created pages for each level. You can get to your level by clicking on it... Continue Reading →


Believe it or not, the final exam is next week! The study guides are up on Quizlet: French 1 Final Exam Folder You will find 4 study sets in this folder. If you study these every day until the final, you should... Continue Reading →

The Many Sides of the Verb FAIRE

Before we start reviewing for the final exam, we are learning the fourth of the Big 4 Irregular Verbs: faire (the other 3: être, avoir, aller). Faire can be used to talk about sports, leisure activities, and household chores. It's a very... Continue Reading →

Les Mots de Questions

If you were absent when we went over this presentation, or if you want to review it, here they are: Questions 1 Questions 2

Les Monuments de Paris

After finishing the Aller en ville unit, I thought it would be super cool to use that vocabulary to talk about the most famous monuments in Paris. We just finished going over 12 important monuments, and if you missed it or want... Continue Reading →


Le Verbe Aller Buncee Présentation  here you will find the conjugation for ALLER, the à contractions with definite articles, the explanation of le futur proche (near future), a practice exercise, an EdPuzzle for ALLER, and 3 French with Alexa videos about... Continue Reading →

Et Voici Les 4 Finales!

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FINAL 4 VIDEOS On Wednesday, my B-Day classes each voted for their own champions. Since we were out of school on Thursday due to the possibility of severe storms, A-Day classes won't be voting until... Continue Reading →

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