French at John Overton High School

Ici on parle français…et 43 autres langues différentes!

français 2/IGCSE mise à jour!

I apologize for not keeping up with my weekly blog posts about what we will be doing in class. That week before fall break was such a blur, and then I got out of the habit over break. Désolée, mes... Continue Reading →


Infographies for Loisirs Unit Test

Les Jeunes et Le Sport Dans les Oreilles Des Jeunes (Musique)

français 1 – la semaine du 25 septembre

mardi le 26 sept Unit 1 IPSA Part One!  While you are working on the interpretive reading and presentational writing tasks, one of you at a time will do your Interpersonal Communication task with me. If you complete all 3... Continue Reading →

français deux/IGCSE – la semaine du 25 septembre 

lundi le 25 sept (b)/mardi le 26 sept (a) Objective: I can talk about how often I do certain leisure activities.  We will go over the Quizlet Fréquence set & then you will check off how frequently you do those activities on... Continue Reading →

français 2/IGCSE – la semaine du 18 septembre

mardi le 19 septembre/mercredi le 20 septembre Partner work to complete cercle d'amitié about loisirs and practice asking each other the questions for Interpersonal Communication (IC) Summative Assessment. MUSIQUE MARDI/MERCREDI Laissez-les kouma by Zaho Les Paroles (Lyrics) This week we will... Continue Reading →

français 1: la semaine du 18 septembre

lundi le 18 septembre Formative Listening Assessment in groups on the name/age conversation we had on Thursday in speed rounds interpretive Reading Practice Activity  Carte d'identité de la France about the infographic below to practice for your upcoming Unit 1... Continue Reading →

français 2 – la semaine du 11 septembre

lundi le 11 sept B/mardi le 12 sept A Complete Interpretive Reading Activity for Ils parlent français à l'autre bout du monde. Each table will prepare a summary of 1 of the 5 students to present to the class. Choose... Continue Reading →

français 1 – la semaine du 11 sept

mardi le 12 sept MUSIQUE MARDI YouTube for "Sur Ma Route" by Black M Word Cloud Numbers Stations Summative Assessment les devoirs pour lundi le 18 septembre/homework for Monday Sept 18 Choose one of these two options: A. Study the... Continue Reading →

français 1 – la semaine du 5 sept

mercredi le 6 sept musique mercredi with "Jour 1" par Louane YouTube Lyrics/Les Paroles Word Cloud/Nuage de Mots Leçon 3 Comptez 1 à 10! Practice French Numbers Quizlet Set (DEVOIRS - study by le 12 sept!!!) Leçon 3 Comptez 1 à... Continue Reading →

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