French at John Overton High School

Ici on parle français…et 43 autres langues différentes!



The Many Sides of the Verb FAIRE

Before we start reviewing for the final exam, we are learning the fourth of the Big 4 Irregular Verbs: faire (the other 3: être, avoir, aller). Faire can be used to talk about sports, leisure activities, and household chores. It's a very... Continue Reading →


Incroyable Fantastique Super

Yesterday I was making fudge when I saw my phone light up - it was a message telling me: YOUR DONORS CHOOSE PROJECT HAS BEEN FULLY FUNDED! I got so excited that I almost burned the cream & sugar! I... Continue Reading →


I have created a Twitter for the French program at Overton: @overtonfrançais so if you tweet, follow it! I know Twitter is a strange social media platform & probably outdated to you all (the evolution of social media: Live Journal... Continue Reading →


I love Pinterest, but I wanted to find another platform for us to use as virtual bulletin boards. I have made a padlet for language posts and one for culture posts. Check them out & add stuff! Culture Language

Join Your Duolingo Classroom!

Duolingo is a great way to practice your French by playing games! You can download the app for both iOS and Android phones, or you can go to the website Duolingo to check it out. I have also set up classrooms for... Continue Reading →

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